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Mid-Century Modern design features clean lines, organic curves, and a balanced combination of various materials and textiles. This style dates back to the mid-1930’s, but the timelessness of Mid-Century design is still a favorite amongst homeowners today.

KP Designs – Decorating Den Interiors’ decorators can help you bring a Mid-Century design into your home! Our interior designers will show you which mid-century elements work together to create a beautiful and unique space. We have access to hundreds of materials you won’t find in big box stores, making it easy for us to find the pieces that will meet the needs of your home and your lifestyle.

Mid-Century Modern Characteristics

The technological advances after wartime introduced new textures, materials, and colors to the world of home design. The Mid-Century style dictates that form always follows function to create a classic, understated look. You’ll see clean lines and minimal fuss in Mid-Century design. Ornamentation is limited in this style, but these characteristics are staples in Mid-Century design:

  • Wood:  The Mid-Century style proximately featured wood furnishings, including wooden cabinets and decorative accent tables. Wood helped to soften the sharp, geometric lines seen in popular furnishings in this type of design.  
  • Color:  Color exploded onto the Mid-Century scene, but subtly. Rooms still had a neutral color palette on the walls, but we started to see accent colors like avocado green, pumpkin orange, and mustard yellow used in accent chairs, throw pillows, and wall art. 
  • Nature:  Due to the popularity of wood in this style, natural elements are a big source of inspiration. The Mid-Century style pulls color palettes from nature motifs and craves the addition of natural light in a space. Decorative potted plants work beautifully as an accessory in this style.

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Mid-Century Modern Interior Designer Louisville, KY
Mid-Century Modern Interior Decorator Louisville, KY