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“Kristen Pawlak with Decorating Den Interiors was challenged with redecorating a 1890’s historic home with an updated, fresh look that would appeal to college students. She not only had to satisfy the younger women living in the sorority house, but had to gain the support and confidence of the alumnae house corporation committee. Kristen met all of our expectations and delivered a finished look that is the envy of other fraternities and sororities on campus. The girls living in the house love the newly redecorated look that includes a large parlor/living room, foyer, and large family/T.V. room. The committee made decisions on upholstery material, curtains, wallpaper, furniture and artwork. We couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of the furnishings, the crew that managed the re-upholstery and install of curtains and wallpaper. This new look was even featured in the Courier-Journal as the Home of the Week. Thanks to Kristen and her team for their hard work and pulling together several rooms we are very proud to show off in our house.

Kim T.

“Earlier this year we employed the services of Kristen Pawlak for our kitchen remodel. This was to be no easy task as our kitchen was vintage 1980 and screaming to all that dared enter “please put me out of my misery”! Kristen was the consummate professional in every sense of the word and our kitchen challenged every aspect of her skill set. From the onset, Kristen was amazing!  Working within both our modest budget and busy schedules Kristen worked her magic, always keeping us in the loop with changes in details, contractor issues, weather delays, materials and paint changes.  As everyone homeowner knows, the “Kitchen is truly the Heart of a Home” and we put this heart in Kristen’s hands. The end product is nothing short of AMAZING! We are SOOOO happy with our new kitchen and our house feels and looks 30 years younger. Look out Kristen, we need you for our Bathroom remodels next!!” 

Katy & Mark H.

“I was pleased to see your smiling face in the “Scene”…congrats to you. Thank you again for my bathroom turning out to be so beautiful. It is now two years old, feels new and I still love it!”

Edith G.

“Kristen, my friends and I went to see the Show House Tuesday, and we all really enjoyed it…We were impressed with your bathroom (which happened to be the last room we went into) and my friend, who went with me last year, said she thought you produced another winner with this one. Of course, you know I love red so it was one of my favorites. Everyone enjoyed the house tour and thought your decorating was really great.” 

Jo F.

“VENUS Decorative Hardware would like to offer our most sincere Congratulations!!! for your prestigious Decorating Den Interiors Dream Room Awards. These awards being deserved acknowledgement of your hard work & incredible talents. It is sure to springboard you onto an even brighter future in your business.”

Tracy Fuller, President, VENUS Decorative Hardware

“I am SO PUMPED about all of our progress! This is my dream come true of 5+ years now that previously never seemed to make it off the “to do” list…I thank you SO much for making it so painless for me! I LOVE what we selected. Thank you again Kristen!”

Carla J.

“We are so happy with all of the changes. The rooms you have done in our house finally looked finished thanks to you. We feel like everything you did is a reflection of our personality. It is what I would have done if I had the eye or talent you have…”

Christy V.

“We started working with Kristen several years ago, focusing on one room that needed help. After a couple of visits she “knew” our family; how we lived, what we liked, what we needed. Since that time, we’ve expanded our efforts to include five other spaces, and the experience has been wonderful. I get compliments all the time. I love the changes and it’s made such a difference, we enjoy spending time in all the new rooms.”

Sara B.

“Just wanted to let you know again how much I love the new window treatment and what a great job you have done with re-decorating my home.”

Pat V.

“Kristen–I want to thank you so much for the incredible job you did on my master bathroom. As I had mentioned to you, I have lived in my home for 7 years and just could not come up with any ideas for my master bathroom and bedroom. I even had another designer look at it and really felt the suggestions did not compliment my house or my tastes. This left me frustrated. I appreciate the time you took to really listen to me, look at my home, and look at pictures I had pulled over the years of design ideas I liked….You nailed it. When you presented your ideas, it was exactly what I would have done if I had the talent to pull it all together. You made the process seamless and everyone who looks at my bathroom loves what they see. I would definately refer you to my friends and family. Every time I walk into my bathroom, I can’t believe I live in this house with such a fabulous room! Down the road, I look forward to finishing my master bedroom.”

Beth C.

WOW is the first word that comes to mind when I see the transformation you’ve made to our [commercial] location. A great big thank you goes out to you! I thought it looked great before [from the makeover] but that big mirror really topped it all off!”

Chris T.

“Kristen, so glad you walked into my life. Meeting you was a great experience. Personally, I love decorating but had trouble finding the right window treatment for my dining room. With your expertise and helpful ideas, my dining room window looks great! Love my window! Can’t wait to finish the rest of the room”

Debbie M.

“Kristen, Your bathroom [at the Bellarmine Show House] is spectacular! You have done 2 things which i.d. your very good decorating: 1) large patterned wall covering (‘the Kristen touch’), and 2) very imaginative touches, like the dish with blue in it on the shelf, crystals on the shower curtain, a rug combining all the color elements, and beautiful sconces which are the first thing seen when lighted. (To say nothing of the roll of wall covering on the toilet tissue holder!) Julie, one of my friends who came with me, said ‘this is definitely the prettiest room so far’ before she even knew who did it. I was very proud of you, and hope you continue doing a Show house room as long as you can. Very sincerely…”

Jo F.