The forms, colors, and materials popularized by Old World European culture and American history are prominent in traditional design. Think clean and polished when it comes to traditional design. Stone or porcelain elements, fresh, crisp cotton, antique accessories, and lots of neutral colors.

This style is extremely versatile and very common in modern homes, featuring dark woods, heavily detailed architecture, and luxurious furnishings. If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom or kitchen, the experts at KP Designs – Dec Den Interiors recommend traditional design!  Our years of expertise, as well as our massive selection of materials, make it easy for you to welcome traditional design into your home.


  • Colors: Neutral colors on the walls allow for more elaborate furnishings, which are typically adorned in red, blue, or brown.
  • Accessories: Elegant vases and bowls, elaborate candle holders, and other artisan-crafted accessories pair well with the luxurious look of traditional decor.
  • Furniture: The distinct silhouettes of traditional furniture include wing-backed chairs, claw footed tables, and curved pieces that draw upon the styling’s of the 18th and 19th century.
  • Fabrics: Floral, damask, and paisley prints are all popular in traditional design. The most commonly
    utilized fabrics include luxury silks, velvets, and cashmeres.

Bring the cozy, comfortable, and calming elements of traditional design into your home. Contact Kristen today at (502) 245-0052 or (502) 741-3583.

About Kristen

Interior decorating is Kristen’s passion! With such a great eye for detail, her rooms have won international design competitions. With 10+ years of professional design experience, she is sure to help you pick of pieces and create a space that you will love. As a prominent member of the Louisville interior decorating and design industry, she has been featured on WLKY-32’s “The Real Deal,” is a Bellarmine Designer Show House Designer and is featured in many publications, including StyleBlueprintThe Voice-Tribune.

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