Your Guide to Staging Your Home for Virtual Tours

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for house hunters and home sellers to conduct real estate business. Although states are beginning to roll back stay-at-home orders and allow more businesses to open up, the real estate market hasn’t quite returned back to normal just yet, and most sellers are still holding off on in-home tours as a precaution.

Given the current conditions, sellers should specifically focus on staging their homes with virtual tours in mind. If you’re intent on finding a buyer despite these unexpected circumstances, the following resources will help you stage and beautify your home to create engaging virtual tours!

Real Estate Transactions During the Pandemic

Before you move forward with your plans to connect with potential buyers, spend some time researching the current state of the real estate industry and the impact of the pandemic.

  • If you’d like a professional’s advice on navigating the market during this tumultuous time, work with a qualified listing agent for support and guidance.
  • Find out the pandemic has affected every aspect of real estate, from mortgage rates to inventory, and how you can still show off your property in the meantime.
  • If you’re open to allowing potential buyers to visit your home in person, emphasize that they must wear masks properly for everyone’s safety.
  • Stock up on common household cleaning products so that you can immediately sanitize and disinfect your home after your guests leave.

Preparing Your Home for Recording

Properly staging your home can require a lot of work. Block off time over the next few weekends to complete the tasks outlined in these resources.

  • Sign up for a virtual consultation with an interior design team for expert staging advice.
  • Include deep cleaning your home, organizing your belongings, and sprucing up your yard and front porch on your staging checklist.
  • Paint your home’s interior with neutral shades to create a solid backdrop for your decor.

Capture Your Home on Film 

Finally, it’s time to break out your camera. These tips will help you capture images and video footage that you can use to advertise your home online.

  • Learn how to stabilize your camera while filming each room so your footage isn’t shaky.
  • From choosing the right equipment to establishing proper lighting, just follow these tips to showcase the best aspects of your home on camera.
  • Polish up your photos with these editing tips before uploading them online.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted everyone’s plans for 2020, but this does not have to stop you from staging your home and listing it on the market. When you know how to put together a great virtual tour and attractive photo gallery, you’ll have interested buyers reaching out to you in no time!

Written By: Natalie Jones of Home Owner Bliss

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