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From KP Design’s April 22 Wine & Design Webinar on Organization & Multi-Functional Furnishings:

30 Day Organizing Challenge

Day 1: Fridge and Freezer
Day 2: Kitchen Drawers and Counters Underneath Sink
Day 3: Recipes
Day 4: Linen Closet
Day 5: Bathroom Cabinets
Day 6: Makeup Drawer
Day 7: Products Underneath Bathroom Sink
Day 8: Kid’s Rooms
Day 9: Pet Area
Day 10: Office
Day 11: Spare Bedroom
Day 12: Family Room
Day 13: Playroom
Day 14: Organize Paperwork
Day 15: Set Up a Command Center
Day 16: Create a Household Binder
Day 17: Email, Phone, Computer
Day 18: Bedroom Closet
Day 19: Bedroom Dresser
Day 20: Bedroom Nightstands
Day 21: Laundry Room
Day 22: Garage
Day 23: Hall and Utility Closets
Day 24: Purse
Day 25: Kitchen Cabinets
Day 26: Pantry
Day 27: Mail/Magazines
Day 28: Photo’s
Day 29: Jewelry
Day 30: Celebrate! You did it!

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