COVID-19 Update


  1. When scheduling an appointment with the client, ask if everyone in the household is healthy.
  2. If possible, isolate family members in another room during the installation and delivery.
  3. Confirm with all team members on the job that they are healthy.  If not, reschedule or find a substitute.
  4. Pack disinfectant and paper towels in the delivery/install kit.
On Reveal Day:


  1. If possible, wear a mask and gloves while on the job. If needed, shoe booties can also be worn. Try to complete the job with as few people as possible and keep as much distance as possible between them (but, that won’t always be six feet).
  2. The entire crew washes hands with hand sanitizer before entering the house.
  3. Wipe anything appropriate down with disinfectant after it’s delivered.
  4. We wash our hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer when we are done.
  5. When the client walks in for the reveal, we will stand at least six feet away from her/him.

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