How to Pick the Right Focal Point for Every High Traffic Room

Whether you’re constantly entertaining guests or your family members are inviting over friends of their own, there’s a natural need to create a space that puts on the right impression — you want to create an atmosphere that’s equally cozy and inviting but also extraordinary and unforgettable. With so many eyes on your living space, it’s important to give them something to look forward to every time they enter your home.

But this shouldn’t exist in one single room. Bringing a focal point to every high traffic area in your home offers a great opportunity to showcase each individual plot of your living space, making it a memorable experience for all who enter.

Interested in bringing a focal point to your high traffic rooms? Here are some of our suggestions:

1. The living room or family room
This room is a space where families tend to gather for comfort — it’s a space to relax after a long day, kick back and watch a binge-worthy TV show and movies together. While the television tends to take center stage in this living space, having a mantel gives you an opportunity to put a lovely piece of artwork on display. If you don’t have a mantel, you can still opt for an empty wall to hang a canvas. Always take advantage of the vertical space in the living room or family room to showcase work that flows with the room design but starts the conversation among guests.

2. The kitchen or dining area
Is there anything more comforting on a Saturday morning than cooking breakfast for your loved ones and gathering around the table for conversation? To ensure that this seating arrangement is properly illuminated for breakfast, lunch and dinner, a unique chandelier or other hanging lighting fixture can set the tone for the kitchen. Even if the kitchen gets maximum natural lighting, a lovely fixture makes a great conversation starter and can add a fun element to this living space.

Set the tone in the dining area with a lovely lighting fixture

Set the tone in the dining area with a lovely lighting fixture.

3. The main bathroom
No matter how many bathrooms you have in the house, every household has one that gets used the most. This tends to be on the main floor, but it can vary from one house to the next. Your bathroom should be considered a place for relaxation — it shouldn’t be too chaotic in design and decor — but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a focal point. A statement piece of artwork can work wonders in this space, but something as simple as a uniquely shaped mirror can act as an eye-opener for guests and family members.

4. The guest bedroom
Whether you have grown kids who stay with you on the holidays or friends who like to travel to you from out of town, the guest room is a living space that may be frequented more often than you would expect. When treating guests to a night in your home, finding ways to help them escape and feel like they’re staying in a hotel can set you apart from the rest of their family and friends. A large, gorgeous headboard can turn a traditional guest room into something more high-end and lavish. You can also add an infinity shag or faux fur area rug to the center of the room for the ultimate comfort when waking up in your home.

Create a hotel experience with a beautiful headboard
Create a hotel experience with a beautiful headboard.

Need further assistance? Connect with KP Designs – Decorating Den Interiors today
With little experience in interior design, you might find yourself struggling to find the perfect statement pieces and focal points to place throughout your home. While the above recommendations make great options, every homeowner is different and may need a little tailoring to meet design and decor wants and needs. If you’re looking for more suggestions that cater to your specific goals for your home, contact a personal decorating consultant from KP Designs – Decorating Den Interiors.

We will connect you with an experienced design consultant who can assist you with your focal point needs. The partnership starts with a complimentary consultation — your decorator will come to your home to provide an assessment of your living space, free of charge.

During this initial discussion, you can share your ideas while providing more information on the purpose of each room and how often you use them. From there, your design consultant will provide you with suggestions based on your style preferences.

You can be as involved during the partnership as you want — whether you want to let your decorator take full creative control or you want to assist throughout the brainstorming process, the choice is yours.

No matter what you’re trying to achieve in your high traffic rooms, one of our decorating experts can help. Contact KP Designs – Decorating Den Interiors today to get the project in motion.

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